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L'Université des Écrivains Misérables

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L'Université des Écrivains Misérables
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u and me could write a bad romance
Bonjour, tout le monde!

Well, it seems you've made it to the very first post here at L'Université des Écrivains Misérables. If you've come here looking for Les Misérables and/or extensions from UDEM at Fanfiction.net, you're in the right place.

Since you've come all this way, why not make this a suggestion post?

But wait! Before you make a suggestion, please check the community information to make sure it's not a duplicate. If we get a few of the same idea, we think "Well, it's popular!" If we get twenty, we think, "There's a conspiracy on!" Please note that we do have a certain police inspector on staff, and he is deeply devoted to his profession.

That said, we do want ideas. Under this post, post any ideas, thoughts, vague concepts, or brilliant flashes of inspiration you might have with regards to UDEM. (Please note "I've discovered a new theme in Les Misérables!" is not an idea for the community -- wait until we have our literary discussion posts up first, please! ^__^)

So, suggest away!

En attendant vos réponses, nous vous prions d'agréer, mesdames et messieurs, nos salutations distinguées.
The Staff of L'université des Écrivains Misérables
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