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Welcome to L'université des Écrivains Misérables!

Henceforth, L'université will be referred to as UDEM, due to the fact that it's bloody long and the accents require more copy-pasting than strictly pleasant.

Actually, if you are looking for tales of the UDEM, you want to go to The Story Itself. Enjoy reading!

If, however, you have already read and are acquainted with UDEM and are here in order to learn more about Les Misérables, Victor Hugo, 1800s France and Paris, or even the Revolution of 1789, this community is where you want to be.

Here, your coordinators and staff will endeavour to post Miz-, France-, or revolution-related goods, such as historical information, dates, bizarre trivia, and sometimes classes too long or too complicated to be written into a UDEM chapter. Extras will include UDEM icons, banners, or other colourful, outspoken, and frequently gaudy ways to express your devotion to spelling, grammar, and the facts of M. Hugo's brilliant novel.

Although posting is restricted to staff at the moment, we strongly encourage (in other words, beg desperately for) active member participation. Joining a community takes only two clicks, after all. Fantine sold as many teeth to save Cosette -- surely you can expend the effort to click some buttons!

About UDEM

UDEM was started in the summer of 2005 by three fangirls on summer vacation, exasperated and disturbed by the sheer number of spelling errors, grammatical inconsistancies, and outright canonical heresy cropping up in Les Misérables fanfiction. Inspired by the work of genius, The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-Earth (the second year can be found here), the three set out to create a university that would teach suitable respect for a classic work of literature and the Laws of Grammar.

After considerable plotting and more evil laughter than perhaps strictly necessary, UDEM was established at an undisclosed location along the banks of the Seine. Rumour has it that the entire building moves in order to chase one Inspector should he remove himself from its perimeters, but the coordinators refuse to comment.

Courses at UDEM include but are most certainly not limited to such selections as Canon Couples: Why They Work, How They Work, and How To Look At Them Without Cringing, Historical Accuracy 101, and of course Grammar Boot Camp. (There have been suggestions to revise the course plan of Historical Accuracy 101 to History Boot Camp, but any changes remain pending.)

Registration for UDEM is, at the moment, extended indefinitely, due to various complications and one unfortunate typo. Moreover, due to the fact that Livejournal will facilitate applications through comments, the coordinators have (until further notice) opened application-through-comment lines, at the Registration Post.

General Information

Reading and enjoying of UDEM and all related materials (i.e. this community) requires a fairly solid basic knowledge of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. However, the coordinators welcome newbies and those with questions, and will be more than happy to point confused souls to any resources that might help alleviate said confusion.

+ Having read the book form of Les Misérables is strongly recommended, not in the least because any un-book-initiatees will be completely out of depth in both classes and discussions.

+ Having seen or heard all or part of the musical Les Misérables is recommended, but, recognising constraints of supplies and costs, not required.

+ Knowing something about characters in the book aside from Enjolras is why we're here.

+ Contributions are welcome, appreciated, and will be amply rewarded.

+ Most importantly, UDEM is a venue for learning. Ask questions. Post requests. Harrass the coordinators (but not excessively, as we are high-schoolers and two-thirds of our population are in the university-application process) with canon questions, time-frame-references, historical accuracies, fic-writing issues, and nightmares. Okay. Not the latter. Unless they involve Les Miz in some way, shape, or form.


What is 'the Brick'?
'The Brick' is the affectionate name 'Mizzies' (fans of Les Misérables) have taken to using in reference to the book. This is primarily due to the fact that it is roughly the shape, size, and heft of a fairly well-crafted brick and, in some editions, about the same colour.

What is a Mini-Brick?
This is an excellent question! A Mini-Brick is created when a grievous canon-related misspelling is found: for example, among the most notorious of Mini-Bricks are Javetr, Courfyerac, and, of course, Enjorlas. Minis look like the cloth-cover edition of Les Misérables in that they are brick-coloured, grouchy, have many rows of sharp, pointy teeth, and are internally composed entirely of unidentifiable miasma. They also have hundreds of tiny feet, which may or may not get us into copyright issues, although the Jean Prouvaire and Combeferre Minis have wings. The Javert Minis are also possessed of truly impressive sideburns.

What's this I hear about adopting one?
The coordinators swear on the Brick that they are working out the details of Mini-Brick adoption.

What is a Combeferret?
A both fortuitous and unfortunate typo. Also this truly adorable creature.

Who is Chelsea Peterson?
A fictitious (and very, very lucky) soul.

What is Les Misérables?
If you don't know, why have you read so far?

Why am I here?
Why, thank you! That is a good point. We do need a class on philosophers of the time period. Your suggestion will be duly noted.

Contact the Staff

Actually, you can't contact the teaching staff. The only staff available to the public are the coordinators, who are below:

Miss Irene, course coordinator
LJ: bubonicwoodchuk
e-mail: bubonicwoodchuck@gmail.com
Fanfiction.net: Bubonic Woodchuck

Miss Pelly, co-coordinator, head of security, Mini-Brick trainer
LJ: zorpisuttle
e-mail: zorpisuttle@earthlink.com

Mistress Pathy, co-coordinator, head of disciplinary department
LJ: lokogato
e-mail/MSN: lokogato@hotmail.com
Fanfiction.net: Lokogato

Please note that, when we say communicate, we do not mean tell us about your RL and online problems, the fact that your pet asparagus has finally withered, or how much you hate the taste of celery. As much as we care about our students here at UDEM, that is really not our area of expertise. Note the conspicuous lack of a psychological advisor among our coordinators. As such, please keep your contact limited to UDEM-related topics. That said, UDEM-related topics covers fairly large territory, so do not hesitate in communicating, either!


1. No harrassment.
2. No trollery.
3. No harrassment.
4. No harrassment.

'Harrassment' includes random angst, random emo, personal attacks, &c &c. You're mature enough to understand how to conduct yourselves appropriately in public, and if not, there are classes here that will rectify that problem for you.

Thank You, and Enjoy!